Mobile Home Movers Laurel MS

Mobile Home Movers Laurel MS

Mobile Home Movers in Laurel MS

As a business specializing in moving houses that serve Laurel, Mississippi, and the neighbouring areas, we have the expertise and experience to ensure that your relocation is completed on time and to the precise specifications you want.

Laurel Mobile Home Movers are pleased to provide the following:

  • Reasonable rates
  •  Advice that’s also sincere and transparent.
  • Reliability
  • Expertise in guaranteeing that your park house is well maintained.



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Mobile Home Transport Laurel

Our team is ready to help you move your mobile home.
Due to the many years of experience and range of scenarios that our workers have dealt with, you can rest assured that we will be here for you whether you want to move your prefabricated house a little distance or across state lines.

To alleviate some of the stress involved with relocating your mobile home, Mobile Home Movers Laurel has prioritized ensuring that the transfer is completed efficiently and professionally.

There are many mobile home movers in Mississippi, and it can be a daunting task to know who to choose. A mobile home is one of your most significant investments and something that needs to be taken great care of. With our knowledge and experience, you can be sure that we will do everything within our power to transport it safely and efficiently to its new destination.


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Mobile Home Movers Near Me

Relocating a mobile home requires the expertise of a company with the requisite training and resources.
If you’re moving many things, you’ll want to take special care to avoid damaging your home.

Because we understand that most relocations have been scheduled around specific dates, we arrive on time every time.

Upon you initially contacting us, we’ll take some details and thoroughly discuss your needs and demands to ensure that the options we are offering you are best for your move. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to moving a park home, and for this reason, we will ensure all options are considered and discussed accordingly.

This is a photo of a mobile home transport truck used by Mobile Home Movers Hattiesburg MS

Laurel Mobile Home Movers can arrange the termination of any services or utilities you currently use on your behalf.

We will be able to eliminate the necessary elements of the structure to get it prepared for relocation as soon as the tap water that runs downstream to your mobile home has been switched off.

This preparation might include Decking and stairs leading to the top level if required. When we carry this out, we will do it with the utmost prudence to cause the minimum amount of collateral damage.

This photo is an interior of a mobile home moved in another location by Mobile Home Movers Hattiesburg MS
This photo is a new site set up of by Mobile Home Movers Hattiesburg MS

When your prefabricated house arrives at its new location, we will guarantee it is safely unloaded. We understand that every relocation is unique, and every site will present its challenges, but our movers have years of expertise and have worked with every conceivable circumstance before.

If you like, we may reassemble the skirting, stairs, and decking and reestablish the services, leaving your park home in the original condition we found.

We can also just carefully unload it at the new trailer park if you are going to use a different contractor for these tasks. We are always happy to work with what suits our customer’s needs best.

There is a possibility that you may need to do some preparation work at the new home site before you can transfer your mobile home there. If you need a service of this kind, we can assist you.

We can assist you in every step of the program, from attempting to stop it to leveling it and tying it down. In most cases, we can also attend to your requirements in the areas of plumbing, electrical work, air conditioning, and drainage.

We will always do everything to ensure your move is as stress-free as possible for both you and your family.

This is a newly moved mobile home. The relocation is carried out by Mobile Home Movers Hattiesburg MS

Mobile Home Movers FAQ’s

Are park homes Freehold or Leasehold?

Park homes are legally not considered leasehold or freehold because the land on which they stand, under the Mobile Homes Act 2013, remains solely owned by site owners.

Cost to move a mobile home

There are many factors that need to be considered before an accurate estimate can be given. The best option is to call us and we will be able to advise on the costs associated with your move.

How long do park homes last?

Park homes are manufactured to last around sixty years, which is why they’re so affordable and cost much less than a traditional brick home. They can be built in mere weeks, rather than the usual months it takes for an average house’s construction because of their modular design; this makes these houses perfect for those who want something quick and economical!

Park homes offer homeowners inexpensive housing that won’t break your bank account or make you wait six months (or more!) before moving into your new place. Park Homes come with all the creature comforts modern living demands and are a fantastic option when searching for somewhere to live.

How much does a mobile home depreciate yearly?

Generally, mobile homes depreciate at around 3-3.5% a year. A home that costs $50,000 will be worth about 41k after six years of use and depreciation.

Can a mobile home be moved with furniture in it?

The short answer is no; it needs to be emptied before moving.

Is it worth fixing up an old mobile home?

The best thing about fixing up an old mobile home is that you can do it as your budget allows. With a remodel, there are no worries about how much money will go into the project because it can be done over time to fit in with your budget, and it also means that you may be able to avoid taking any loans.

Is it cheaper to buy a manufactured home or rent?

Initially, you will have more upfront costs with buying a manufactured home, but overall, it will typically work out less expensive, and you could spend around 40% less on buying than renting.

You should weigh all options before making your decision because there could be some hidden costs in both situations that will ultimately decide what is best for you. Purchasing a manufactured house may seem like it would cost more upfront, but if you calculate everything over the long term, owning one can work out less expensive than renting on average.

Can I put a mobile home behind my house?

If you want to live in a manufactured home, it is essential that they are safe, follow any local regulations, and meet federal state laws.

According to the National Association of Home Builders, homeowners who opt for a manufactured housing unit should first check with their municipality before installing one on their land because not all communities allow them at all or simply have certain restrictions like how many feet away from other houses can be built according to zoning rules.

So, in a nutshell, the answer is to check that you comply with local rules and regulations before just placing your manufactured home on your land.

What is the difference between a mobile home and a manufactured home?

Manufactured homes were built after 1976 to a much higher set of building standards than homes built before 1976, which are referred to as mobile homes. There are still many mobile homes around, and they serve their purpose perfectly well.

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Decades of experience

With many years combined experience you can rest assured that all operatives have the skills and expertise to ensure that your mobile home is moved with the utmost care and attention to detail.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our customers are our priority, and for this reason we always go the extra mile to ensure that your park homes are moved on time are delivered within budget. No excuses.

Free Consultations

With our expert knowledge we can offer you advice on your mobile home move and a comprehensive quotation. We are professionals and will always make sure that we are fully meeting your needs.

Transport Mobile Home

Moving home can be exciting, and we need to be organized when moving a mobile home to make sure we create the least disturbance and operate as effectively as possible.

Along with our customers being our main priority, we are always considerate to other trailer park residents. While we can only work within the parameters set, we will always make sure that everyone is informed of our intentions to try and minimize disruption as much as possible.

No matter the move distance required, we will always be able to help. If you have just searched for ‘mobile park homes near me’ and we popped up, then you know we have covered you. If you are viewing our site from a different state, or maybe you are looking to move your manufactured home from where you currently are to Laurel,MS, or the surrounding areas of Mississippi, then we would love to hear from you.

We believe that customer satisfaction is crucial, and we want to become your preferred choice for Mobile Home Movers, which you will always recommend to your friends and family.

Give us a call or send a message now, and we will promptly attend to your queries.

Mobile Home Transport Near Me

We cover a vast area, and no distance is too far for us.

Whether you found us from searching for ‘mobile home movers in Mississippi’ or even ‘trailer parks near me,’ the chances are we cover your area, including Louisville. Please check out some of these on our Near Me pages, or for more information about our company check out our about us page.

We would love to hear from you. Please get in contact now to discuss your needs and how we can best serve you.

This is a photo of a transport truck on the way to relocate a mobile home. This is carried out by Mobile Home Movers Hattiesburg MS

What services do you require?

This is a photo of a mobile home transport truck used by Mobile Home Movers Hattiesburg MS